Don Tomlinson
Don   Tomlinson

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  Solid Sterling Music

I am a performing musician (guitar/vocals with backing tracks at private parties, house concerts, clubs, restaurants, etc.). I play roots rock and classic country (and some standards) and more than 100 originals (smooth jazz, blues, "blue country rock," pop, country.... I am a great entertainer and storyteller. Very reasonable rates. Let's all get together and have a good time. To hear any number of my originals, click below.


 Desiderata The Book

I have written or co-written several books, but Desiderata The Book is my favorite. "Desiderata" is a prose poem written by Max Ehrmann in the 1920s. It is a prescription for one way in which life can be well lived. The poem remains extremely popular with millions of admirers and adherents. Desiderata The Book turns each of "Desiderata's" 23 phrases into chapter length. Click below to hear a chapter from the audio book.


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Original Music

Down To The Sea

I Made A Deal With The Devil

I'm On The Right Track Now

Every Day Of The Year